A properly sized and constructed AHU is essential for a healthy facility and efficient building operation. It is our goal to provide energy-efficient solutions that fit the needs of each project specifically.

  • Materials of Construction to meet the Facilities Application
  • Hydronic Tempering Solutions Coils
  • Gas Fired Equipment
  • Varying Levels of Filtration to Meet Space Requirements and ISO Level
  • Energy Recovery Solutions of Various Types
  • Indoor/Outdoor Construction
  • Installation Footprints: curb, slab, suspended or platform
  • Complete Control Packages
  • Integrated Piping Solutions
  • Existing AHU Retrofits
  • Single Point Power
  • Full Factory Testing

By offering dynamic options for customization, we can address foreseeable problems for building construction and function. Our team of highly experienced, dedicated design engineers is ready to assist you in designing a solution that will overcome the varying obstacles associated with the ever-changing landscape of HVAC design. Here are a few of the Custom Solutions Flex Air has provided to our industry partners.


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